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What is kitting definition and meaning Definition of kitting Process in which individually separate but related items are grouped packaged and supplied together as one unit For example in ordering a PC online a -knitting process flow chart-,Circular Knitting Machine in Textile A Details Discussion In textile knitting sector knitting process is classified into two where one is warp knitting and another one is weft knitting A circular knitting machine is a device which is used to produce weft knitted fabrics in a semi or fully automated fashion …… Get More

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Industrial Knitting Process Highlighting Basic Construction Process Industrial knitting process highlighting basic construction importance and types Knitting is the second most frequently used method after weaving that turns yarns and waistbands of garments underwear and socks for men and children More detailed

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2 1 Process Flow Chart for Knitting 2 2 Drop Stitches Holes Drop Stitches are randomly appearing small or big holes of the same or different size which appear as defects in the Knitted fabrics Causes Ÿ High Yarn Tension Ÿ Yarn Overfeed or Underfeed Ÿ High Fabric Take Down Tension

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Process Flow Chart For Polyester Dyeing 11 Process Flow Chart of Batch Section in Textile Industry 12 Process Flow Chart of Dyeing Lab or Lab Dip Development 13 Process Flow Chart of Knit Dyeing 14 Process Flow Chart of Rope Dyeing 15

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Textile manufacturing Jump to navigation Jump to search Scutching refers to the process of cleaning cotton of its seeds and other impurities The first scutching machine was invented in 1797 but did not come into further mainstream use until after 1808 or 1809 when it was introduced and used in Manchester England Weft knitting as

Textile Chapter What is Carded Yarn Process Flow Chart

Dyeing and knitting wastage is very high for carded yarn than combed yarn Flow Chart of Carded Yarn Manufacturing Process The main flow chart of carded yarn manufacturing is in the below

Textile Fibre to Fabric Processing

Textile Fibre to Fabric Processing P R Wadje Non-member The flow diagram of the fibre to fabric process is shown in Figure 1 Polymers 2 are the resource for man-made fibres which are weft knitting and warp knitting Tufting Tufting is the process of manufacturing some categories of

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Knitting There are three types of fabric manufacturing process They are weaving knitting and non-weaving Knitted fabric produced by loop forming Such type of fabric huge demand in present world For manufacturing of knitted fabric process flow chart of knitting technology are given below

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Process Flow Chart for Knitting Yarn in package form ↓ Place the yarn package in the creel ↓ Feeding the yarn ↓ Set the m/c as per design & GSM ↓ Knitting ↓ Withdraw the roll fabric and weighting ↓ Roll marking ↓ Inspection ↓ Numbering

Process Flow Chart of Isothermal Yarn Dyeing Textile

Introduction Yarn dyeing is slightly difference from woven or knit dyeing Yarns are dyed in package form or hank form by yarn dyeing process Beranda Flowchart Process Flow Chart of Isothermal Yarn Dyeing Process Flow Chart of Isothermal Yarn Dyeing Introduction Flow Chart of Isothermal Process in Yarn Dyeing


The process flowchart of Yarn Manufacturing mentioning above is currently followed by the Textile Spinning Mills Process flow chart of Combed Yarn Manufacturing Combed yarn is more precise than card yarn Here is the process flowchart of Combed Yarn

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1 Yarn sourcing Yarns are primary raw material for sweater knitting Factory sources yarn in hank or spool form The factory I worked had their own spinning mill and yarn dyeing unit 2 Winding of yarns In this process yarns are winded into cones from hanks in winding machine These cones are stored for production

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The weaving process Woven cloth is normally much longer in one direction than the other The lengthwise threads are called the warp and the other threads which are combined with the warp and lie widthwise are called the weft synonyms are filling woof and shoot or shute

Flow Chart of Wet Process Technology/Flow Chart of dyeing

Flow Chart of Wet Process Technology Grey Fabric Inspection ↓ Sewing or Stitching ↓ Brushing ↓ Croping ↓ Singeing ↓ Desizing ↓ Scouring ↓ Bleaching ↓ Mercerizing ↓ Dyeing ↓ Printing ↓ Finishing ↓ Final Inspection ↓ Delivery Grey Fabric Inspection After manufacturing fabric it is inspected in an inspection Table

Yarn Preparation Process for Weaving Textile Course

Figure-1 indicates the process flow chart for preparation of the warp and weft yarns for weaving Figure-1 Process flow chart of yarn from spinning to weaving With the advent of new methods of spinning viz open-end air-jet and friction spinning the spun yarns are wound on large packages


Flow Chart of knitting Normal process/ flow chart of knitting/sequence of knitting started with yarn in cone package form place the yarn package in the creel feeding the yarn in the feeder set the m/c as per design & GSM knitting withdraw the roll fabric and weighing roll

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